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Stands out with:

  • Unlimited Scaling
  • Flexible Pricing
  • SSD-Based Storage
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Global Data Centers
  • 24/7 Support


  • 85.46/100
  • 85.66/100
  • 86.5/100
  • 88.88/100
  • 88/100


  • $0.00 - $4.94
  • $29.95 - $74.23
  • $81.95 - $180.95
  • $0.00 - $2.49
  • $21.00 - $49.05

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Key features

  • Unlimited Scaling
  • Flexible Pricing
  • SSD-Based Storage
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Global Data Centers
  • 24/7 Support

Introduction to Kamatera

In the spotlight today is Kamatera, a dynamic player in the ever-evolving realm of cloud computing. Boasting a diverse array of services, Kamatera positions itself as a reliable solution for businesses and individuals seeking robust cloud infrastructure. With years of industry experience, Kamatera has carved a niche for itself by providing scalable and flexible cloud solutions. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the key features, performance, and overall user experience that define Kamatera's presence in the competitive hosting landscape. Join us as we uncover the strengths and considerations of this cloud service provider, helping you make an informed decision for your hosting needs.

Company facts

  • Kamatera

  • 1995

  • New York, United States

  • 2,000,000+

  • 18+

  • 100+

  • Live Chat, Email, Phone

  • cPanel, Custom, Plesk

  • Asia, Australia, Europe, US

  • ASP.net, MongoDB, Mysql, PHP, Rubby, Windows Hosting

  • Bitcoin, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa

Pros & Cons



  • Speed reaper features are available on all plans
  • Free white label and personal nameservers
  • Powered by Litespeed web server


  • WHMCS is only available on web giant and site nova plans and is not included in monthly plans.

Hosting Types

Web hosting Types

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of sites Price
Plan 1 20 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 2 20 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 3 30 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 4 40 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 5 50 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 6 50 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 7 50 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 8 100 GB 5 TB - - $- Details
Plan 9 100 GB 5 TB - - $- Details

Cloud Hosting

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of sites Price
Plan A 1 vCPU (Type A, 2667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $4 Details
Plan B 1 vCPU (Type A, 2667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $6 Details
Plan C 2 vCPU (Type A, 5333 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $12 Details
Plan D 2 vCPU (Type A, 5333 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $19 Details
Plan E 2 vCPU (Type A, 5333 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $32 Details
Plan F 4 vCPU (Type A, 10667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $28 Details
Plan G 4 vCPU (Type A, 10667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $40 Details
Plan H 4 vCPU (Type A, 10667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $56 Details
Plan I 4 vCPU (Type A, 10667 MHz) 5 TB cPanel - $80 Details

Overview of Kamatera

Get ready to explore Kamatera, a global cloud services platform dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Proudly under the umbrella of The OMC Group, Kamatera brings over two decades of cloud expertise, tracing its roots back to 1995. At the heart of Kamatera's mission is a commitment to flexibility and reliability, spearheaded by a team of software developers who founded and lead the company.

Kamatera's global footprint extends across a network of data centers, boasting thousands of deployed servers worldwide. This versatile cloud provider caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups and app developers to international enterprises and SMBs. But Kamatera doesn't just stop at providing cloud services; they take their responsibility seriously. Security is paramount, with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, stringent access controls, and thorough security clearances for all personnel and visitors.

In the event of power failure, Kamatera's data centers are designed to be failproof, each server connected to a conditioned UPS and equipped with N+1 redundant instantaneous failover. The backbone network infrastructure is backed by multiple tier-1 providers, ensuring stability and uninterrupted service. Kamatera's commitment to stability extends to its cloud computing infrastructure, built on top-notch hardware and network configurations that are continuously reviewed and upgraded.

Behind the scenes, Kamatera employs a failover mechanism that keeps data flowing seamlessly even in the face of server failures. The cloud's backbone relies on the latest Intel Xeon Gold/Ice Lake processors, robust network connections up to 10 Gbit/sec per virtual server, and storage arrays powered by SSD hard drives or including SSD accelerators. Every server is meticulously designed for redundancy, ensuring a reliable and resilient cloud environment.

And when it comes to customer support, Kamatera stands out. Operating 24/7/365, their global support team ensures unbeatable response times, expertise, and commitment to resolving any issues. Whether through calls, live chat, or email, Kamatera's skilled and dedicated administrators are ready to provide personalized service, with options for large enterprises to have a dedicated cloud administrator for consistent monitoring and management of servers. In a world where flexibility, reliability, and support are paramount, Kamatera takes center stage as the cloud provider of choice.

Ongoing Coupons for Kamatera

Kamatera stands out in the competitive cloud service landscape by offering a variety of ongoing coupons and promotions, enhancing the value proposition for its users. These exclusive discounts cover a range of services, providing users with cost-effective solutions for virtual servers, cloud storage, and more. Regularly updated special offers and promotional codes enable users to enjoy discounts on subscription plans, additional resources, or extended trial periods. Kamatera's commitment to transparency ensures that users can easily access and redeem these discounts through its website or newsletter. By combining flexibility, reliability, and affordability, Kamatera's ongoing coupons enhance the overall appeal of its cloud services, making them an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Kamatera: Our Rating Analysis

In our comprehensive evaluation of Kamatera, the cloud service provider emerges with high ratings across critical dimensions. Performance and reliability stand out with failover mechanisms, top-tier hardware, and continuous infrastructure upgrades. Security measures, scalability options, and global customer support further contribute to Kamatera's positive assessment. The inclusion of ongoing coupons adds an appealing affordability aspect. Overall, Kamatera earns top marks in performance, reliability, security, scalability, customer support, and budget-friendly options, positioning itself as a leading choice in the competitive cloud hosting landscape. Stay tuned for the final rating that consolidates these findings into a comprehensive assessment of Kamatera's overall standing.

Aspect Rating (out of 5 stars)
Performance & Reliability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5)
Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Scalability ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Affordability ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5)
Overall Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.2/5)

Hosting Types

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting represents a paradigm shift in web hosting, and Kamatera stands at the forefront of this transformative technology. Cloud hosting, at its core, harnesses the power of virtualization to distribute website data across a network of interconnected servers. Kamatera's cloud hosting offers unparalleled scalability, allowing users to dynamically adjust resources based on demand. This flexibility ensures optimal performance, resilience, and cost-efficiency. With data spread across multiple servers, users benefit from enhanced reliability, mitigating the impact of server failures. Kamatera's cloud hosting is ideal for businesses of all sizes, providing a scalable infrastructure that adapts to the evolving needs of modern online ventures.

Reseller Hosting

For entrepreneurs looking to dive into the hosting industry without the complexities of managing infrastructure, Kamatera's reseller hosting is a game-changer. Reseller hosting allows individuals or businesses to purchase hosting resources in bulk and then resell them to their clients. Kamatera facilitates this process seamlessly, providing resellers with a white-label solution that empowers them to establish their hosting brands. The infrastructure's robustness, backed by Kamatera's reliable network, ensures resellers can deliver top-notch hosting services to their customers. With a user-friendly control panel and comprehensive support, Kamatera's reseller hosting is an ideal gateway for entrepreneurs venturing into the hosting business, offering both ease of management and the assurance of a resilient hosting backbone.

Kamatera Features

Unlimited Scaling

Kamatera redefines the boundaries of hosting with its Unlimited Scaling feature. No longer constrained by static resource allocations, users can dynamically scale their infrastructure to meet evolving demands. Whether experiencing a sudden surge in traffic or planning for long-term expansion, Kamatera empowers businesses with the ability to scale resources limitlessly. This innovative approach ensures optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and the agility required to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. With Unlimited Scaling, Kamatera places the control firmly in the hands of users, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their online ventures without compromise.

Flexible Pricing

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, Kamatera introduces Flexible Pricing, a cornerstone of its commitment to affordability and accessibility. With a range of pricing plans, users can choose the package that aligns perfectly with their requirements and budget constraints. Kamatera's transparent pricing model ensures that users only pay for the resources they consume, eliminating unnecessary expenses. Whether you're a startup with limited resources or a thriving enterprise with expansive needs, Kamatera's Flexible Pricing adapts to your financial parameters, providing a scalable and cost-effective hosting solution without sacrificing performance or features.

24/7 Support

Kamatera understands that exceptional hosting goes hand-in-hand with exceptional support. That's why the platform offers 24/7 Support, ensuring assistance is just a click or call away, regardless of the time zone. Kamatera's skilled and dedicated support team is committed to providing prompt and expert assistance, guaranteeing that any issues are swiftly addressed. Whether it's technical troubleshooting, guidance on configuration, or general inquiries, Kamatera's support is an invaluable resource, allowing users to navigate the complexities of hosting with confidence, knowing that help is always available.

Data Centers Around the Globe

In a globally interconnected digital landscape, Kamatera's strategic placement of Data Centers Around the Globe ensures optimal accessibility and redundancy. With servers deployed in key locations worldwide, users experience low-latency connections and accelerated content delivery, enhancing the overall performance of their online presence. This global infrastructure also bolsters reliability, as data is redundantly stored across multiple geographically dispersed centers. Kamatera's commitment to a worldwide presence reflects its dedication to providing users with a hosting solution that transcends borders, offering unparalleled accessibility, and safeguarding against potential localized disruptions.



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Control Panels

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How to Use Kamatera


Sign Up for an Account

  • Begin your Kamatera journey by signing up for an account on the official website. The registration process is straightforward, requiring basic information to create your account.

Choose Your Service

  • Navigate to the user-friendly dashboard and select the cloud service that aligns with your specific needs. Whether it's virtual servers, cloud storage, or other offerings, Kamatera provides a range of services tailored to diverse requirements.

Configure Your Resources

  • Customize your hosting environment by configuring the resources according to your specifications. With Kamatera's intuitive control panel, you can easily adjust parameters such as server capacity, storage, and networking to match your project's demands.

Deploy Your Infrastructure

  • Once your configuration is complete, deploy your infrastructure with a simple click. Kamatera's efficient deployment process ensures that your chosen resources are ready for use promptly, allowing you to focus on building and managing your projects.

Manage and Monitor

  • Take advantage of Kamatera's robust management tools to monitor and control your hosted resources. The platform provides real-time insights into performance metrics, allowing you to optimize and manage your infrastructure effortlessly. With 24/7 support available, assistance is just a message or call away if you encounter any challenges during your usage.

Kamatera Control Panel

At the heart of Kamatera's user-centric approach is its powerful and intuitive Control Panel. Seamlessly designed to simplify the complexities of cloud management, the Kamatera Control Panel puts you in command of your hosting environment. Upon logging in, users are greeted with a centralized hub where they can effortlessly navigate through a plethora of features. From configuring server resources to monitoring performance metrics, the control panel offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire hosting process.

Key functionalities include resource scaling, allowing users to dynamically adjust computing power, storage, and networking with just a few clicks. The control panel also provides detailed insights into server health, usage statistics, and network activity, enabling users to make informed decisions about their infrastructure. Additionally, deploying new resources and managing existing ones is made simple, ensuring that even those new to cloud hosting can navigate the platform with ease.

The Kamatera Control Panel isn't just about convenience; it's a tool for empowerment. It embodies Kamatera's commitment to providing a hosting experience that is both robust and accessible, offering a seamless interface that caters to the needs of beginners and seasoned professionals alike. With this centralized command center, Kamatera puts the power of cloud hosting at your fingertips, giving you the tools to shape and optimize your digital ventures effortlessly.

Basic Guidelines for Using Kamatera Services

  1. Understanding Your Needs: Begin by clearly defining your project requirements. Assess the resources your applications demand, whether it's virtual servers, storage, or additional features. This understanding lays the foundation for configuring your Kamatera services effectively.
  2. Efficient Resource Configuration: Utilize the Kamatera Control Panel to configure your resources optimally. Tailor your server capacity, storage, and network settings to match the scale and demands of your project. Kamatera's intuitive interface makes this customization process seamless, ensuring your infrastructure aligns with your goals.
  3. Deployment and Activation: Once your configuration is set, initiate the deployment process through the Control Panel. Kamatera's efficient activation mechanism ensures your resources are swiftly made available for use. This step marks the transition from planning to execution, putting your configured infrastructure into action.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Leverage the monitoring tools provided in the Control Panel to keep a close eye on your hosted resources. Regularly assess performance metrics and usage statistics, adjusting configurations as needed. This proactive approach ensures that your infrastructure remains optimized and responsive to evolving demands.
  5. Accessing Support and Resources: Familiarize yourself with Kamatera's support channels. Whether you have inquiries, encounter challenges, or seek guidance, Kamatera's 24/7 customer support is readily available. Take advantage of documentation, tutorials, and the responsive support team to enhance your understanding and make the most of Kamatera's cloud services.


Other Important Things

Beyond the core steps of configuring and deploying your cloud infrastructure, several other key aspects enrich the Kamatera experience:

  • Data Backups: Prioritize the safety of your data by implementing regular backup practices. Kamatera offers robust backup solutions to safeguard your critical information, providing peace of mind in the event of unexpected incidents.
  • Security Measures: Enhance the security of your hosted environment by exploring Kamatera's security features. From firewalls to encryption options, Kamatera provides tools to fortify your infrastructure against potential threats. Stay informed about best practices for securing your specific server configurations.
  • Billing and Usage Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your usage and billing through the Control Panel. Kamatera provides detailed insights into resource consumption, allowing you to manage costs effectively and ensure that your hosting expenses align with your budgetary considerations.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance: Stay informed about system updates and maintenance schedules. Kamatera periodically introduces enhancements and optimizations to its services. Being aware of these updates ensures that you benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.
  • Community Engagement: Explore Kamatera's community forums and engagement platforms. Networking with other users can provide valuable insights, tips, and solutions to common challenges. The Kamatera community is a resourceful hub where users can share experiences and exchange knowledge.

Performance of Kamatera Hosting

Kamatera sets a high standard for hosting performance, delivering a seamless and powerful experience for users. The platform's commitment to performance is evident in several key areas:

  1. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Kamatera's hosting infrastructure is built on cutting-edge technology, featuring the latest models of Intel Xeon Gold/Ice Lake processors with speeds exceeding 2.7GHz. The use of high-speed network connections up to 10 Gbit/sec per virtual server ensures rapid data transfer and responsiveness.
  2. Redundancy and Failover Mechanisms: The failover mechanisms employed by Kamatera ensure uninterrupted service even in the face of server failures. Redundancy is a core principle, with every server and element within it designed for reliability. This includes redundant resource management, failure detection, isolation and recovery, monitoring, logging, and notification tasks.
  3. Global Data Center Network: Kamatera's global presence is reinforced by a network of data centers strategically located around the world. This not only facilitates low-latency connections but also provides redundancy for enhanced reliability. The distributed nature of data centers contributes to faster content delivery and improved user experiences.
  4. SSD-Based Storage Arrays: Storage is a critical component of hosting performance, and Kamatera utilizes SSD-based storage arrays or includes SSD accelerators in its configurations. This choice of storage technology enhances data retrieval speeds and overall system responsiveness.
  5. Continuous Performance Optimization: Kamatera maintains a proactive approach to performance optimization. The infrastructure undergoes constant reviews and upgrades to align with the latest technological advancements. This commitment ensures that users benefit from a hosting environment that evolves with the demands of modern digital projects.

Whether you are running resource-intensive applications, managing high-traffic websites, or seeking a responsive platform for your cloud-based services, Kamatera's performance-focused approach positions it as a reliable and high-performing hosting solution in the competitive landscape. The platform's dedication to leveraging advanced technologies and maintaining a robust infrastructure underscores its commitment to delivering hosting services that meet and exceed performance expectations.

Kamatera Hosting Customer Support

Kamatera's customer support stands as a cornerstone of its hosting services, providing users with a dedicated lifeline throughout their hosting journey. Operating 24/7/365, the support team ensures that assistance is readily available regardless of time zones. Kamatera's skilled and committed administrators offer enterprise-grade service, addressing both minor inquiries and major issues with unbeatable response times. Users have the flexibility to connect through calls, live chat, or email, providing convenience and varied options for seeking prompt solutions. For larger enterprises in need of consistent support, Kamatera goes the extra mile, offering personalized service with a dedicated cloud administrator. This continuous monitoring and management of servers ensure that clients receive expert assistance tailored to their specific needs. In essence, Kamatera's customer support reflects its commitment to fostering a seamless and reliable hosting experience, where users can navigate challenges with confidence, backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team.

Concluding Thoughts

In wrapping up our exploration of Kamatera, it becomes evident that this hosting solution isn't just a platform; it's a dynamic ally in the ever-evolving digital terrain. Kamatera doesn't merely offer features; it provides a symphony of capabilities, harmonizing flexibility, reliability, and top-notch performance. Picture it as a digital maestro, orchestrating a seamless experience for users of all stripes, from burgeoning startups to established enterprises. Its Unlimited Scaling and Flexible Pricing aren't just functions; they're the brushes with which you paint the canvas of your hosting journey, adapting and evolving as your digital ambitions unfurl.

Dive into Kamatera, and you'll discover more than just data centers and infrastructure – you'll find a fortress of reliability and accessibility strategically scattered across the globe. It's a symphony of servers, orchestrated for low-latency connections and fortified against disruptions. Kamatera doesn't just store data; it safeguards it with SSD-based storage arrays, ensuring that every bit and byte dances to the rhythm of seamless retrieval and responsiveness.

But what truly sets Kamatera apart is its commitment to support. It's not a mere helpdesk; it's your ally in the digital trenches, operating around the clock, ready to unravel the complexities and offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. It's the personalized touch – the dedicated cloud administrator ensuring that your hosting experience isn't just smooth but finely tuned to your enterprise's rhythm.

So, in this digital odyssey, where every click and byte matters, Kamatera isn't just a hosting solution; it's your partner, your maestro, and your fortress in the cloud. As we navigate the ever-shifting digital currents, Kamatera stands tall, a beacon for those seeking not just hosting but a dynamic and responsive companion on their digital journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kamatera Hosting

Kamatera offers a comprehensive range of hosting options to cater to diverse needs and preferences. The key hosting services include:

    1. Cloud Hosting: Kamatera's cloud hosting provides a flexible and scalable solution, allowing users to adjust resources based on demand. It's an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking agility and optimal performance.
    2. Reseller Hosting: Entrepreneurs looking to venture into the hosting business can opt for Kamatera's reseller hosting. This white-label solution empowers users to purchase hosting resources in bulk and resell them to their clients, with Kamatera handling the infrastructure management.
    3. Managed Cloud Services: Kamatera offers managed services, where the platform takes care of the technical aspects of server management. This is particularly beneficial for users who prefer a hands-off approach, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.
    4. Custom Cloud Solutions: For users with unique or specialized hosting requirements, Kamatera provides custom cloud solutions. This option allows tailored configurations to meet specific project needs, ensuring a bespoke hosting experience.

Some of the top global data center locations historically associated with Kamatera include:

North America:

  • New York
  • Santa Clara (California)
  • Dallas (Texas)


  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)


  • Hong Kong

Kamatera's hosting services come packed with a robust set of features designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Here are some key features of Kamatera's hosting services:

  1. Unlimited Scaling: Kamatera stands out with its Unlimited Scaling feature, allowing users to dynamically adjust resources such as computing power, storage, and networking to match evolving project demands seamlessly.
  2. Flexible Pricing: The platform offers Flexible Pricing, ensuring users can choose plans that align with their specific requirements and budget constraints. This transparent pricing model allows users to pay only for the resources they consume.
  3. 24/7 Support: Kamatera provides around-the-clock customer support, ensuring assistance is readily available at any time. Skilled administrators offer prompt responses, addressing both minor inquiries and major issues to keep your hosting experience smooth.
  4. Global Data Center Network: With data centers strategically located around the globe, Kamatera ensures low-latency connections and enhanced redundancy. This global presence contributes to faster content delivery and improved overall performance.
  5. SSD-Based Storage Arrays: Kamatera prioritizes storage performance by utilizing SSD-based storage arrays or including SSD accelerators. This choice enhances data retrieval speeds and system responsiveness, crucial for various hosting needs.
  6. Continuous Performance Optimization: Kamatera maintains a proactive approach to performance optimization, regularly reviewing and upgrading its infrastructure to incorporate the latest technological advancements and ensure top-tier performance.
  1. Phone Support: Users can reach Kamatera's support team through phone calls. This direct communication channel is ideal for those who prefer immediate assistance and a personal touch.
  2. Live Chat: Kamatera offers a live chat feature on its website, allowing users to engage in real-time conversations with support representatives. Live chat is a convenient option for quick queries and instant assistance.
  3. Email Support: Users can also contact Kamatera's support team through email. This channel is suitable for less urgent inquiries or those requiring detailed explanations or documentation.

No, Kamatera does not offer a money-back guarantee.

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